Welcome to the Characters WikiEdit

Made this wiki to store characters from different role plays. My memory isn't infinite .-.

Feel free to use these for inspiration, but don't copy =)

Little help with navigation. Chars and such below!Edit

Post links to your pages here, Saves me a job.

Nekorian -- Llharry

Nachtver -- Llharry

Lightning -- Llharry

Varis "Nine" Iduno

Celdin Taleth

Lifean Roloos

Kenchi Yatari -- Llharry

Arazael - Archangel227 (Sylvaine227)

Retra Nokoyo -- Llharry

Nitesky Shotsuko -- Llharry

General guide-linesEdit

Feel free to correct spelling on other peoples character pages, but try not to change the back ground or actual character appearence unless absolutely neccessary.

It is reccomended you have a wikia account, so we can see who has changed what.

Messy general storing random text page. v.vEdit



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